The Nebuloni story of quality

For over 100 years the workmanship of the Nebuloni family continues. The constant use of only the best hides, the craftsmanship passed down from father to son and the passion for this work has remained unchanged. Three generations of Nebuloni’s have mastered the art of designing and making only the finest quality, handmade, all leather shoes. Nebuloni golf and casual shoes set the standard for quality. Our shoes are made from all natural materials, which allow for the maximum in breathability and comfort on and off the golf course. Nebuloni shoes are the premier in combining a comfortable fit with classic style for people who appreciate timeless elegance. Nebuloni shoes are entirely handmade in Italy, using artisan techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Only the best materials are chosen with the utmost of care in making the shoes.

Our many styles were created by studying the anatomy of the foot, while retaining a timeless traditional design. Nebuloni aims to make a comfortable, breathable shoe, which must however be rigid enough to provide the support necessary to stabilize the body during the golf swing. All Nebuloni products are checked for quality during each phase of the shoe-making process. Before each shoe leaves the factory they are subjected to a rigorous final quality control. Our pride is based on the fact that we have never given in to the high costs of labour. Many manufacturers have taken their factories to countries with much lower labour costs, and have compromised the quality of the materials used, in order to profit from a lesser product. Our work at the Nebuloni factory is above all a passion, which allows us to state that: “The satisfaction of our clients 
is our greatest reward!”


Gary Player is a legend in his own time

One of the most successful international golfers of all time, Gary Player has achieved the kind of worldwide acclaim reserved for only a handful of sporting greats. He is, quite simply, world class.

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